HP-MP: Compact pulverizing mill and pellet press

The compact all-in-one solution for automatic grinding and pellet preparation- for cement and many other applications

Area of Application

Fine grinding and preparation of pellets in steel rings (40 or 51. 5 mm diameter) for x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy
Different materials, raw meal, clinker, cement, slag, ores, oxidic material, ferroalloys (feed size 5 mm)
Operation mode
Automatic, standalone, standalone with magazine, linear automation, robot automation


Stand alone configuration
Great store was set in designing a machine that is versatile and deployable in many different configurations. As a stand-alone machine, the HP-MP can be operated with an input and output device where the operator inserts a single cup and removes the pressed pellet. As an option, a 23-position-magazine is available to allow automatic batch processing of samples.
The prepared pressed pellets are collected in an output magazine attached to the side of the machine. As a matter of choice  for the operator, the cup can be returned empty to the magazine or filled with retain material for further processing.

Designed for easy automation
In a linear automation, the HP-MP may receive the sample from, e.g., an input magazine, laboratory airtube station (type HR-CA) or gravimetric dosing unit (HR-WA). Pressed pellets are automatically transported to a XRF device and/or other analyzers like, e.g., colorimeter. Several HP-MP's can be combined and interconnected via a conveyor belt passing through all machines. The small footprint makes the HP-MP the ideal choice for small at-line analysis units adjacent to the production site. In a robot cell, the HP-MP can be positioned with the front side facing towards the robot. In this case, the robot inserts the sample cup and removes the pressed pellets via the input and output device. Alternatively, the robot access can take place on the lateral machine side via input and output belts. This enables the operator to manually insert samples via the input device on the front side of the machine.  

Tool Condition Monitoring
The HP-MP is ready for smart industry solutions enabling tool condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Integrated sensory technology allows the online monitoring of grinding efficiency and performance of swing aggregate and grinding set. This powerful tool, in combination with the PrepMaster Analytics software, makes it possible to define and ensure reproducible sampe preparation conditions for more accurate analysis.

The operator has full control over the pulverizing process and can adjust all relevant machine parameters and process steps. The rotation speed of the grinding vessel is continuously adjustable between 600 and 1500 rpm. The feeding and discharge intervals, the timing for adding grinding aid, the cleaning cycle and much more can be adapted to achieve the optimum results for each material.

The hydraulic unit ensures a controlled and absolutely reproducible pelletizing process. All parameters are easily adjustable to allow fine-tuning for each material and analytival approach.The operator can directly change the total pressing for (50-200 kN), the incremental increase of the pressing force and the pressing holding time. Each pelletizing cycle can be monitored using the clearly laid-out HMI panel of the HP-MP or the PrepMaster screen. Using the dosing device of the HP-MP, the operator can choose between two different sample volumes for production of pressed pellets. The HP-MP can process 40 and 51.5 mm rings by default. The press tool is very easy to change. 


  • Ring cleaning unit, integrated into machine housing
  • 23-position magazine for clean and filled 51.5 mm rings, outside the machine (insertion of filled rings only available in combination with ring cleaning unit)
  • 23-position cup magazine
  • Chute or carrying handle magazine for pressed pellets
  • Dosing unit  for grinding aid in tablet form
  • Volumetric dosing unit for sample material  (10, 12.5 and 15 ccm)
  • Cooling unit for grinding vessel incl. automatic temperature monotoring
  • conveyor belts for cup and ring transport on both sides of HP-MP, partially height-adjustable


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HP-MP Cup magazine

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