Scoop Sampler for Clinker

The solution for sampling of coarse-grain material from production processes

Area of application

Sampling of coarse-grain material from vertical drop chutes

Coarse-grain material (clinker and other, feed size max. < 100 mm)

Operation mode
Automatic, manual


Extremly robust for coarse-grain material
The scoop sampler is an extremely robust spoon sampler for clinker material with a vertical flow. The hydraulic operated spoon is swung out into the clinker stream upon demand and retrieves a defined sample material as determined by the spoon volume.

Flexible at use
The sample is then transported by a tube system to the downstream component like, e.g., sample box, crusher, clinker plant station.

Main features:

  • Scoop sampler
  • Hydraulic operated
  • Maximum sample Size 50–100 mm
  • Max. sample temperature: 100 °C