The company HERZOG was established by Hans-Gottfried Herzog in 1959. The business model was to provide optimal sample preparation for the quality control in the steel industry. At that time, the first commercial x-ray fluorescence spectrometers have been launched leading to significantly accelerated and simplified chemical analyses. Accordingly, HERZOG developed the primal machines for milling, grinding and cutting and sold them to local steel mills. The company rapidly expanded to international markets. As early as in the mid-1960s, majority of machines were already exported to countries inside and outside of Europe. After the death of her husband in 1973, Helga Herzog took over the management and successfully extended the product portfolio to further applications like, e.g., cement and mining. Meanwhile, the wholly family-owned business is operated by the second generation.

HERZOG always geared its solutions towards sustainable industrial developments in order to provide its customers with state-of-the-art technologies. This includes, among others, the development of the automation concepts since the 1970s, the integration of programmable logic controllers since the 1980s and the use of multi-axis robots since the 1990s. Currently, HERZOG focuses on the implementation of smart industry applications for tool condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.


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