Gravimetric dosing units

Wide range of sample solutions for gravimetric dosing of various materials.

Area of application

Gravimetric dosing of powder and granular material

Different materials like, e.g., PGM recycling, mining, food, feed, pharma, secondary raw materials, recyclates in general, metallic samples and others(feed size max. < 150 µm)

Operation mode


Dosing of various materials
HERZOG offers different technologies for discontinuous gravimetric precision dosing of sample material for various applications. In our machines and automations, we are deploying different dosing methods to meet the specific requirements of each application and material. We are using vibration and knocking procedures as well as special dispensing heads for dosing of fine-grained and dry powder material. For particular materials like, e.g., metallic additives, dosing takes place by vibro feeders with limited cross section.

Flexible in use
The dosing units can work as stand-alone machines or as modules within larger units or automations. All units are designed that a smallest possible area comes in contact with the sample material to avoid cross-contamination of subsequent samples.

High-precision dosage
The integrated high-precision scales guarantee maximum accuracy and reproducibility of weighing results. The specially developed control software has been optimized for best performance in time and precision. For hygroscopic material, there are special container available for reduced moisture uptake and a longer storage period.