HS-F 1000: Automatic milling machine

The standard for automated sample preparation- Maximal quality, reliability and flexibility with minimal processing times 

Area of application

Milling of steel, pig iron and nonferrous samples for OES, XRF, combustion analysis and other analytical procedures

Steel, pig iron and nonferrous samples, diameter up to 50 mm, round or with parallel surfaces

Operation mode
Automatic, standalone, linear automation, robot automation


Specially designed for sample preparation and quality control
The milling machine HS-F1000 combines innovative technology and full flexibility with compact and robust design. Key features are shortest preparation time, easy automation and top-level quality- at an unbeatable price. The HS-F1000 has been specially developed for requirements of QC laboratory with all the decade-long HERZOG expertise in engineering and sample preparation.
The operator, the robot or a belt transport system drops the sample at the transfer position of the HS-F1000. As the HS-F1000 mills the bottom sample surface, the sample is already in a defined zero plane position. Time consuming measurement of sample height is therefore not needed. Subsequently, the mobile support -coming from above- clamps the sample and transfers it to the milling spindle where it is milled from below. This sequence -speed-optimized in all sub-steps- is saving valuable seconds which is especially important for time-sensitive production samples.
The design of the HS-F1000 guarantees high flexibility to meet the particular needs of the customer. During manual operation, the operator inserts samples via the front door. The default input position is on the left machine side but might be easily changed to the right side. In automatic mode, samples can be inserted either via the lateral or the back-loading openings using a robot, conveyor belt or magazine. The different access possibilities open up many options to integrate the HS-F1000 in any kind of automation setup.
The HS-F1000 is a very compact machine that allows an uncomplicated installation even in tight locations and compartments. The volume of the HS-F1000 is three times smaller than standard CNC mills used for sample preparation. During installation, machine dimensions permit an uncomplicated transport through regular industry doors.
In container labs, the HS-F1000 easily fits into standard cabins and gives you more leg and elbow room. In larger robot cells, the small machine base provides space for more and bigger equipment to be integrated in the automation.
Easy maintainability
In spite of the small machine size, the HS-F1000 has an excellent serviceability and accessibility. The interior has been optimized to guide all chips fallen off into the front chip containers for manual or automatic removal. Comfortable access can be made to the main machine parts including spindle, motors and v-belt for maintenance, exchange and repair. Switch cabinet and majority of pneumatic components are located at the rear side and are easily reachable for operators and service engineers.

Due to simulation-based design methods the HS-F1000 has been optimized for sample preparation purposes. The machine frame is characterized by FEM-optimized shape and perfect damping through mineral composite casting. This leads to significantly reduced vibration levels and brilliant milling results even for extremely brittle pig-iron samples.


  • Tool changer
  • CCU
  • CCU incl. turntable
  • magazine
  • Camera
  • Waste chip transport

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