HS-FF 2000: Automatic milling machine

The robust twin-spindle milling machine for steelworks laboratory- Proven automation technology even for hardest samples

Area of application

Milling of steel, pig iron samples for OES, XRF, combustion analysis and other analytical procedures

Steel, pig iron samples, diameter up to 50 mm, round or with parallel surfaces

Operation mode

Automatic, standalone, linear automation, robot automation


Specially designed for sample preparation and quality control
HS-FF 2000 is the milling machine for automatic, analysis-ready preparation of iron and steel samples for spectral analysis. The automatic processing cycle ensures extremely fast and reproducible results.
Optimal Sample preparation assure optimal analysis results
Milling parameters optimally adjustable to all material grades, combined with a variety of application-matched tools, ensure the maximum degree of flexibility.  

Safe and operator-friendly
The HS-FF 2000 is hermetically sealed and sound-insulated. Safety circuits guarantee protection for the operating personnel. The large safety hood enables easy access for operation and maintenance. Milling swarf is collected in a removable collector tray.

Milling spindle
Two independently operated precision milling spindles can be fitted with milling cutters for various material grades. There is no need to change cutters when changing from steel to iron and vice versa. The extremely sturdy spindle bearings allow safe, sustained processing of even the hardest material grades. Tool change is quick and easy - without the need of any special tools.

Stored program controller
The integrated Simatic S7 SPC controller guarantees an error-free, automatic processing of the widest possible variety of samples. Up to 16 programs, defined by parameters, can be saved and protected by password.  

Milling cutters
The system is designed to allow the use of special milling cutters and different cutter materials, optimally matched to all material grades. Tool life times are monitored. Tool change and maintenance intervals are displayed on the machine control panel.

Cost reduction through automation
The machine has been designed to enable easy integration into robot-based automation systems. The focus of the development engineering of the HERZOG sample milling machine was in the mechanical connections and electronic interfaces. Extremely short processing times and smooth, coordinated operating sequences round off the automation concept.


  • Deburring tool for round samples
  • Chip capture unit (CCU) for combustion analysis
  • Pneumatic transport system for chips with collecting magazine